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Steel reinforcement profiles are an essential component in the make-up of PVCu windows and doors.

They offer superior strength and integrity for all window and door frames, mullions and sashes. Steel reinforcement profiles ensure that PVCu windows and doors maintain their strength and resist bowing, warping or twisting when subjected to wind load, heat and light. By reinforcing the windows you manufacture, you are giving the installer and homeowners real peace of mind that your windows will stand the test of time.

Reinforcement for large PVCu windows and doors

Consumer trends for larger windows and wide-span sliding doors means that today’s PVCu frames need to accommodate much heavier panes of glass.

It means that steel reinforcement for PVCu windows and doors is more important than ever before.

Reinforcement for coloured windows and doors

On top of this, the trend for coloured foiled PVCu windows and doors make them more susceptible to bowing, warping and twisting when the frames expand and contract from the heat of the sun.

Very dark frames, such as black and anthracite grey absorb much more heat than their white counterparts. By reinforcing colour foiled windows with steel reinforcement profiles, you can prevent frames from distortion and reduce the number of call backs for installers.

Superior Sections window & door reinforcement

To enhance our standard range of steel reinforcement profiles for windows and doors, the Superior Sections team can work with you, using PVCu extrusion data to create value engineered and cost-effective bespoke reinforcement products.

The Superior Sections team has a great deal of experience of the glazing industry and understands the fabricator’s needs for cut lengths of reinforcement, delivered ‘just-in-time’ to alleviate the need to hold large stocks of multiple reinforcement profiles.

Our standard reinforcement range covers a broad cross section of profiles that will suit any number of PVCu systems and includes channel, lipped box and full box profiles. This allows us to produce your reinforcement without the cost of tooling or extended lead-times.

We also offer a broad range of door reinforcement profiles for PVCu panel, patio and composite doors that can be supplied with pre-punched hole/slot details and cut to length, ready for fabrication.

  • Pre-hot dip galvanised mild steel to EN10346: 2015
  • 6 metre stock lengths or cut-to-length
  • Range of reinforcement for all PVCu systems
  • Compliant with BS EN7412: 2007
  • Ink-jet printing for part codes
  • Stock tooling library for new profiles without tooling costs
  • In-house tooling design and manufacture to reduce lead-times
  • Technical support for product design and prototypes
  • Competent supplier to systems companies and fabricators